Our Pricing 


We believe in transparency and simplicity when it comes to pricing. Each of our individual services has a flat rate, with no hidden costs or setup fees. We don't require any contracts, and you can cancel anytime without any worries or hassle.
Medical Virtual Assistance  


  • Medical virtual assistants support with scheduling appointments.

  •  We help manage patient records.

  •  Assist in screening phone calls.

  • Provide email management services

  • Prescription faxing & Management 

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Medical scribe 


  • Virtual scribes document information during consultations in real-time.

  • They handle medical histories, exam findings, lab results, and document generation.

  • Scribes ensure accurate documentation as a silent third party.

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Medical Transcription

$45 /hr 

  •  Our transcription services cover a wide range of content, including  meetings, and dictations.

  •  Clients can expect accurate and timely transcriptions, even for challenging audio.

  • General transcription services are available at $45  CAD per hour of Recording  

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Medical Billing 


  • Personal billing with full reports

  • Rejection control and access to billing specialists for claims

  • Follow-up with insurance providers and recommendations for billing codes

  •  Manual entry of information from billing sheets for paper billing and record-keeping

  •  Billing service starting at $25 per hour

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Translation Services 

$25.00/per consult 

  •  Clinically Handy offers professional medical translation services for healthcare professionals.

  •  Interpreters ensure accurate and confidential communication remotely.

  •  Services enable doctors to focus on delivering quality care despite language barriers.

  •  Translation available in French, Spanish, and Mandarin.

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